Oliver's Costumes....

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Check Out Oliver's Different Outfits....

Dressing Up Oliver is Fun....he may not always think so, but he's so darn cute and makes everyone Laugh  Laughing   I love my Naughty Oliver!

There's a Tigger!

Now that's a BIG spider!

I am Patriotic!!

Who's chicken?

My Little Devil ;-)

Check out that Bow Tie

Something's Fishy!

That's My Little Monkey

Oliver Santa Paws Plays with Feathers

Super Cat

I can help put these lights up

Banfield Pumpkin

It's a Batty Angel

Safari Oliver

Oliver as Tigger

looking for Pooh

A long day on the range...

Cowboy Oliver....howdy partner!

Looking Fabulous in Red Leather ;-)

Prince Charming

Just loungin'

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz...

Don't I look Sexy with My Lady Bug Tie? I'm too sexy for my tie, too sexy...

Now I can really hang out with the turtles.

I am a Turtle, wink, wink.

Oliver Santa Paws 2009

I love my Brother :-) Topsie and Oliver

Little Lobster

I look FAB-ulous in mommy's scarf!

I'm so crazzzy...